why wait?

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.
— napoleon hill

Today began well enough. I woke up, washed some dishes, made plans for the day. I poured a cup of coffee and surfed the internet for some dinnerware. My son woke up and I spent about an hour talking with him about various things. Several times during the morning, I thought about writing my blog post but kept waiting. Then by noon, the weird off kilter feeling set in. 

Since I changed my diet, I have felt great ninety-five percent of the time. I have more energy. My moods are stable. My general attitude and outlook are positive. Today was a five percent day. Low energy, feeling light-headed and off balanced. The win is knowing my limitations and communicating clearly with my family when my not feeling well translates into taking things personally. 

So today became a day like this:

I am committed to my 100 days and it is a struggle to be here right now writing this blog post. So all I have for you and for myself today is a reminder that putting things off til later means they might not get done. The question to ask myself is, "why wait?" 

This will be a game changer for me because I am a huge procrastinator. I cannot avoid my own lessons though. 

Ok. I am done for today. 

Back to lying down.