slow down, you move to fast

Sometimes I think there are only two instructions we need to follow to develop and deepen our spiritual life: slow down and let go
— oriah mountain dreamer, the dance: moving to the rhythm of your true self

Lately, I've had this pain in my neck and it seemingly never goes away. I carry it with me during the day but I am busy so I don't notice it as much. When nighttime comes, at the moment that should feel relaxed and ready for sleep, the pain makes a grand exclamation. I go to bed with it; I wake up with it. 

As the time grew late last night, I noticed that I was not hurting. In answer to that, I decided to stay up and get as much done as possible. I slept all night. I woke with no pain. Who knows what happened yesterday that shifted the pain away for awhile. 

The late bedtime called for sleeping in just a bit this morning. My intentions were to make pumpkin muffins for the family before heading out to our homeschool co-op. At seven o-clock this morning, I checked the recipe. I checked the fridge. No eggs. So I bundled up against our premature cold and heading to the store. 

I have to admit that I grumbled a bit in my head. Then I remembered to wake up, look around, find the beauty in the morning. There it was in the sky. A beautiful sunrise kissing the clouds with a rosy glow. It was magnificent. A lovely reward for shifting my attitude. 

When I got home, my youngest son was awake and ready to help make the muffins. I guided him along and began to wash the dishes. I felt myself began to rush, thinking, "I need to get these done so that I can get ready for co-op and I guess there will be no time to blog this morning." Stop. Slow down. Breathe.

I stepped to the side to start the coffee so that it could be brewing while I finished the dishes. My son filled the muffin pans and I put them in the oven. Now here I sit, writing this blog post with plenty of time to spare. 

I really did think we were going to be late today. I really did think we would have to rush, rush, rush around and out the door. What happened? Where did the extra time come from? Here's my theory. 

In slowing down, I believe that we may just create more time for ourselves. I thought about this while I was slowly washing the dishes. ( you know, I am that one person in the world who genuinely enjoys washing dishes) I thought, "I am not going to rush through my morning. I am going to take my time and when we leave for co-op, if we need to step into a super sonic fast machine to get us there in time, then so be it. Or maybe we will find a portal, like in Harry Potter and get from here to there in an instant." See there? I indulged in a bit of creative magic. 

It worked. I don't even need the portal now. I believe that by shifting my mindset, by slowing down and enjoying the morning, by allowing myself to be in this moment of pumpkin muffin making and dish washing, I have all the time in the world for feelin' groovy.