show up for yourself as yourself

You are not for everyone and that’s OK.
— rebecca campbell, light is the new black

quote is from Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

Sharing your path with someone is a sacred gift; don’t cheapen this gift by rolling yours in the wrong direction

Short and sweet this morning because I am off soon to share in deep conversation and expansive brain storming with a woman who has her own sacred path and gift, who acknowledges the sacred gift of my path. 

In these moments before I leave, I am reminded again of what we tell each other. 

Be you.

Be in your life.

Be YOU in YOUR life. 

That's all you have to do. There is no transforming yourself to please others, there is no cramming yourself in to a box, there is no making yourself more palatable. 

Do what you do and do it well. 

Scrape all of your love from the bottom of your heart and stain your lips with it. Speak love. Speak it with your voice. Speak.

Wear what you want to wear. Who cares if it's your color! Wear it!

Listen to the music that makes your smile, that makes your cry, that makes you move in your seat. Doesn't matter if its country or techno-funk or classical or grunge. Find your soundtrack.

Eat what nourishes your body. It is less important if you are vegan or paleo or vegetarian or some mix of any of the things and it is more important that you listen and respond to what your body needs. Eat with intention, with awareness, and with gratefulness.

Open your eyes and see who is standing right in front of you, look at what is all around you. There is beauty and truth and love and you might just be missing it if you are reaching for what is not yours to have, for who is not one of your people. 

You are not for everyone and when that becomes glaringly clear. Walk away. Take the journey back to yourself. 

You matter. Your being in the world matters. Know that deeply for yourself. Show up to yourself and for yourself in the only way that you can and that matters ... as yourself.