returning to self

can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?
— danielle la porte

In the midst of the talk of muggles and magic and aliens yesterday, Carly and I talked about the life journey. At one point, I said, "It is all about returning to self" ( You know, when you say brilliant things like that, you've just got to write that shit down!)

I venture to say that this is especially true for women but I do wonder how much pressure is put upon men to be providers and if they, too, lose themselves in the process. That is definitely a piece of the puzzle to talk about later. 

I know of few women who have maintained a strong sense of self throughout their lives. In fact, I think I know of NO women like that. From a young age, women are conforming to cultural standards and are bending their lives in accordance with roles placed upon them. There are so many assumptions about what it means to be a woman and there is little room for expansion or different paths. 

A woman loses her self within the maze of living, of being, of maintaining the status quo. One day she wakes up and she takes the first step back to herself. I see it over and over and over. In young women, in older women, there is a waking up. 

The return to consciousness looks different for everyone and happens at a different pace for everyone. I urge you to have patience with yourself and with others who are walking the awakening path. Remember what is was like to be blinded with light when you first opened your eyes. Remember what it was like to look back and mourn the years spent asleep. Remember what it was like to take the first sip of sweet freedom. 

Remember for yourself. Remember for others. 

We are all in this together.