an enjoyable day

I believe we are all transient,” she began. She thought for awhile and added, “I believe that we are half-blind and full of errors. I believe that we understand very little, and what we do understand is mostly wrong. I believe that life cannot be survived - that is evident! - but if one is lucky, life can be endured for quite a long while. If one is both lucky and stubborn, life can sometimes even be enjoyed.
— elizabeth gilbert, signature of all things

Another post was written today ... well, mostly written. I didn't finish it yet. Writing seems to take forever. Wrangling thoughts into cohesive sentences, paragraphs, posts seems next to impossible these days. 

I am questioning the how of this project. The why is clear but the how less so. The blog is titled the dailies because when I first thought about returning to writing, I wanted to spend a few minutes at the end of each day writing about what was important about that day. I wanted it to be a time to review and reflect on what that day had been, what it had gifted to me. Then I launched the website and that idea seemed shallow and possibly a bit narcissistic. 

However, I am struggling with writing "article" type posts. I feel compelled to write something of substance. What compels me? Want? Desire? Must? Should? It's important to examine the motivation from time to time. 

Remember the why. I am telling my story and finding my voice. Awakening the withered voice from her slumber. Discovering what I have to say and how to say it. For now, I am going to return to my original intent. Set the timer, write the moments of the day, and not worry about impressing anyone with well written posts. 

Today was a beautiful day spent at our Upstate Pride Festival volunteering at the Bernie Sanders booth. 

The weather was gorgeous. Despite the regular, yearly eight protesters, the energy was love, love, love. I think everyone at the march knows not to give their precious, beautiful power to the naysayers. We marched through the streets of Spartanburg, SC declaring that Love does not Discriminate. 

The love for Bernie was strong as well. I met no one that did not know about Bernie and we saw so much support for this candidate who has always been standing up for equal right for the LGBT community. What Bernie says today is the same that he has been saying for his entire political career. 

Once home for the day, I decided to tackle the jungle of my lawn. Heat and rain kept me from regularly cutting the grass and it is all one hot mess. I love to cut the grass. No one talks to me. I get lots of thinking time. When done for the day, it is easy to see the progress made. Though today's work was slow due to thick and tall grass, it is still noticeable progress. 

I generally love the feeling after yard work. My yard is not much to speak of as I didn't inherit a green thumb. It's difficult to grow things when I would rather be in the house painting. Still, mowing the grass, trimming, and setting things in order outside leaves me a lovely, accomplished exhaustion. 

That is where I am right now, in this moment. The day is done. I am grateful for it. I am sweetly tired. I think I will go settle down with a book to read or play in my art journal before sleep creeps in. 

~~ thumbnail photo by ACPhotoworks as well ~~