what's up and what-not | v. 11

the deepest thing that writing taught me is that there is nothing to hold on to. Thoughts moved quickly ... faster than my hand. and thoughts changed. I made up reality as I went along. Nothing was frozen.
— natalie goldberg, long quiet highway

It's been a week of seeking for roots. 

A quick trip to the beach reminded me that I don't do well with quick trips. It takes me at thirty-six hours to get settled and by then, it was time to start thinking about the return trip. It's the impermanence that rattles me, I think. The shifting sand and the changing tide make me feel unsettled, unrooted. Give me the mountains any day. Let me stand by the tall, tall trees and feel their strength. 

from a story-book journal I gifted to my friend, Danni. 

So home and dig into the familiar, into the care and feeding of myself, into taking the next step. I received my retail license in the mail just before we left for our trip. Now, I've opened up my business checking account and linked it to all the things ... Stripe, Paypal, Online banking. Now there are no obstacles, no reasons, and definitely no more excuses. It's time. My next step is listing what I have ready to sell ( and though I want to wait and maybe tweak this and that or the other, I hear the words of my friend, Megan, saying, "just put it up.") I am ready. I think. I hope. Are you ready? Subscribe to my e-notes to receive first notice when journals and such are available. 

from the what-not shelf



enjoyed an evening with Chris Thile ... and my daughter who first turned me onto to Nickle Creek back in the day. Chris Thile is the new host for Prairie Home Companion which begins the new season in October. He is going to be great!




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