#atozchallenge - i is for instinct

I do not fear being lost because I do not believe that I am ever lost. As long as I am with myself and I lean deeply into trusting the wisdom within, I will always find my way. Inner wisdom, instinct, that knowing that has been with us from the moment we were born; that is what leads us home. 

We battle not knowing because we have been told that we don't know what is best. We have been conditioned to listen to others before we listen to the song of our soul, the wisdom of our own heart. I remember being taught that the heart was deceitful above all things and beyond cure. For years, I silenced the inner wisdom and I berated myself for daring to believe that my heart could be true. 

Awakening authenticity is the act of believing that you know the path to take. It is not a one time moment of waking up but a perpetual opening your eyes to the the love, grace, peace, and understanding that you hold within. It is believing in yourself because you can trust yourself.