#atozchallenge - g is for grace

to the ones who are reclaiming and proclaiming themselves . . .  

Stop for a moment. 

Take a breath. and another. and another. 

How are you? Listen to your body for the answers. Take another breath and really listen. 

This work of excavating our souls can leave us feeling weary and achy. We can begin to feel raw and the wind blowing across our skin can burn. Every noise punches our ears. We become acutely aware of energy circulating around us. This is normal and it calls for grace. 

Embrace yourself with grace. Give yourself permission to take a break, to stop for a moment, to cease striving and step into a pause. Oh, the pause is needed. A small retreat to rest and gather your strength again. 

This is not a race to win. The task will probably never be entirely complete. Instead, you will ever be spiraling nearer  to the center of you. Each step bringing you closer and in your pause, you will still be closer than you were. 

So be gentle with yourself, flood the way with grace.