#atozchallenge - f is for frightening

Be prepared. Waking up can be a frightening experience. When returning to your authentic self, you are navigating strange and foreign territory. You don't have the map yet and you haven't developed the language. In many ways, you are creating this as you go along. As you spend more and more time with yourself, exploring and excavating, it will be come familiar and you will learn your navigation. At first though, it is frightening. 

Even more so, as you wake up, as you find the center of your being,  you become a frightening creature to others. They may not know how to deal with you because they don't know you any longer. You are a not a new creation but you are different, you are the true version. You are owning your power. For the first time, you KNOW who you are. That scares the shit out of people who want to keep you small, who want you to conform to their standard of being, who want you to make them feel comfortable. 

So be it. Be frightening. Stand up to what scares you about yourself and to what scares others as well. Look yourself in the eyes, take a deep breath, and choose to be big and scary. Ultimately, you will figure out that there is nothing frightening about you and if others are scared, that's their issue to deal with.