#atozchallenge - e is for exploration and excavation

Remember my last post,  D is for deconstruct? I wrote: "Tear it down. Implode. Explode. Leave nothing but a pile of rubble. Nothing matters but who  you are." Whew. That seems a little extreme, doesn't it? 

We could take a gentler approach. Honestly, it's no less work but it might be less traumatic. Why don't we try exploration and excavation?

When archaeologists are working, they treat excavation site with reverence. They are explorers, yes but they aren't tromping through the space with no regard for the treasures that lie underneath. 

You are a treasure-full site waiting to be explored. You have interests and opinions and a way of seeing and being in the world. There is no one in the world quite like you, with your dna, raised up in your place and space in time. It all converges to create a most unique and fascinating human being. One who deserves a closer look. 

I love the story line in Runaway Bride where Julia Robert's character, Maggie, is so clueless to her own unique and fascinating self that she takes on the preferences of others. One fiance likes scrambled eggs so she likes scrambled eggs. Another one likes egg white omelets so she likes egg white omelets. She doesn't even know if she likes eggs or not. 

In the end, she takes a journey. She explores. She excavates. She finds out she likes Eggs Benedict. 

What do you not know about yourself? Whose preferences have you taken on as your own? Are you willing to explore and excavate who is under a lifetime of rubble? Like I said, it's work but I promise you, there's treasure to be found.