#atozchallenge - d is for deconstruct

Sometimes things need to be torn apart. 

Sometimes your unbelief leads to your belief.

Sometimes you have to know who you aren't so that you can know who you are.

We come into the world and for one breath, we are purely ourselves. The moment we are placed in the arms of our mother, our father, our identity is being formed. The cultural construct informs who we are with its expectations based on gender, station in life, particular religion. 

I don't think we are aware of how blind we are to ourselves until well into adulthood. We think we know. We've been thrashing through this since the teen years, struggling to be our own person with our own ideas and way of being. The thrashing just brings more of the same expectations but from different sources.  Yet, we think we are being unique individuals. 

The time comes when it all echoes false. We know that our lives are not in alignment with our true selves but the problem is that we don't hardly know who our true self is. What to do?


Tear it down. Implode. Explode. Leave nothing but a pile of rubble. Nothing matters but who y you are. 

Then, and only then, can you begin the arduous task of reconstructing yourself for yourself.