#atozchallenge - c is for camouflage

I have this theory that we all wear masks, every day, in most situations. The problem isn't the wearing of the masks. The problem is being unaware of wearing the mask and why. 

In the quest to live an authentic life, wearing a mask may seem antithetical. However, I have come to realize that camouflaging myself has allowed me the freedom to discover who I  truly am. When hidden behind an accepted mask, I can carry on with what I need to do without fear of harassment or retribution, without fear of being too much or not enough. The costume that I wear allows me to become who I need to be. While under the covering, I am still me. I haven't changed to fit in; I am playing the role that I am called to. 

When first realizing my wild and free spirit, I donned the appropriate attire. I dressed myself up as the creature that I know that I am but hadn't yet felt comfortable being. As adults, why do we give up the game of dress-up? It's a powerful exercise in transformation. 

Imagine if you will your favorite movie. Especially imagine a fantasy, such as Harry Potter, or a period piece, such as Sense and Sensibility. Imagine if one or two people refused the camouflage of costuming and played their roles dressed in regular modern clothes. No make up. Bare. 

Their characters would not hold the same strength and power. The covering of masks, make-up, costumes allow them to transform into who they need to be. 

The question for myself is who do I need to be? The answer is wholly and authentically myself. With that knowledge, I have deep understanding that sometimes, I have to hide. For survival. Sometimes, I have put to on the mask and play the role so that I am not consumed with outward expectations. Sometimes, the mask I wear is the truest representation of who I am because I am still becoming her. Until that transformation is fully realized, I must cover myself in the camouflage.