#atozchallenge - b is for be

Be not another, if you can be yourself.
— paracelsus

My word of the year for 2016 is EXPANSIVE. This year began with the first weeks of settling into a new home, in a new location, navigating new things. There is studio space waiting for the final adjustments and clearings. Ideas are bombarding my mind. Opportunities have been pouring in and I am taking advantage of so much. I am investing in my artwork, in my soul work, in ways I have never done before.

Doing, doing, doing. There is lots of doing. Lots of checking things off the to-do list.  Even the dreaming can get bogged down in the doing. What do I do? What are my offerings? paintings? journals? words? poems? gatherings? 

When I remember to lay the filter of authenticity over all of this doing, the only thing that makes it through the shaking, the sifting, is BE. Just Be. just be. 

It might seem crazy and counter productive but I truly believe that if I can settle into that mantra, "Just Be", and live that strongly, all the rest will take care of itself. All of the not knowing. All the trying to make things. All of these frantic pace of trying to get things done will fade into a slow and sure steps when I remember to be. 

Easier said than done maybe. 

Our culture, our society, our day to day seems to depend on doing. Productivity books and tools are best sellers. We feel accomplished, valuable, worthy if we can measure all the things. 

What if the measure of our worth is found in simply being who we are, being how we be? I know people who believe this to be true. I am in conversation with people who want to show up differently in the world, to the market. I happen to believe if enough of us can know our truth, our being, so surely that we can change the status quo. I am ready for a different world. Are you ready? Are you willing to make it different? Will you just be?