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It’s a beautiful, awkward, hot thing when you come at the truth of life head-on.
— patti digh
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Happy Friday Morning!

It's a beautiful, chilly morning here in South Caroline. I have my coffee here in my red owl cup, warming me, waking me up. Lots of waking up happening lately. Fresh starts, new beginnings. Someone posted a lovely photo of Facebook the other day with the caption, the start of something new. I nearly gasped in my excitement. I LOVE the STARTS of something new. I find so much energy in the exploration and discovery, in the imagining and dreaming, in the planning for what will be. 

I have some starts of something new and something reinvented happening right now, this very moment, at my breakfast nook table. Yea, though the studio may still be housing furniture painting project, I can still create. I was reminded yesterday that I do not have to wait until it is picture perfect ready and all of my words about how the studio is not ready could simply be my making excuses, stalling. Oh, how grateful I am for the friendship and truth-telling of my dream-holding artist kindreds

 a new iteration of spiritspeak is on the way!

a new iteration of spiritspeak is on the way!

From the What-Not shelf

Beats for Studying Pandora playlist has become my go-to music lately. 

 Infuse your Home with Magic  -- all the stuffs are in place here in our new home. Now it's time to sprinkle the magic throughout. 

Unusual words illustrated. I have visited this page so many times. I love the words and the illustrations are SO lovely and really help me remember the words. Every dictionary should be like this. 

 Willie Nelson Tells the Story of his legendary guitar, Trigger.  - one of my mother's favorite singers and mine too. What a legacy!

You are your own White Rabbit    

I am affected by the story of Alice in Wonderland for all of the ways that Alice has essentially taught us to surrender and enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole, even when things get really crazy.

I am of the idea that we are all in fact Alice, or could be her if we took ownership over the lands and labyrinths of confusion that we build in our lives.

This is my message or manifesto for all of those who belong to the Society of Alice. To my group of misfits and rebels who dare to disappear into the world of their own creation and continue to wander unapologetically:

Why Art Matters     

I believe in my marrow that art is not a luxury. It has been a crucial part of humanity since we told stories around the campfire and painted the ceilings of caves. Art is not just for intellectuals. Art is not just for museums or public television or vacations in Paris. Art is here to make us feel better and be better. To remind us of our humanity and our connectedness. To unearth and share our feelings. To remind us we are not alone. Art is forever and for everyday.

Your Life is the Vision Board   

We create vision boards of our ideal lives.

But we don’t live ideal lives.

And we never will.

What if imagining our future is actually the thing holding us back?

Tell me. 
What's up in your corner of the world?
What's keeping your curious this week?