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I have always had a curious nature; I enjoy learning, but I dislike being taught.
— winston churchill

Cold morning here in South Carolina and tiny snowflakes are floating down from the sky. That would explain my off-kilter feelings I am having today. Lately, my body and the weather have not been playing well together. The barometric pressure rises or falls quickly and I am either in pain or feeling like i just stepped off the tilt-a-whirl. 

My husband is gallivanting across North Carolina this weekend, binoculars in hand, eyes to the sky. He is a bird watcher and has gone off exploring his passion. I am feeling his absence intensely. It's a perfect time for projects!

I love my granite counter tops but when something falls on it, the something is definitely broken. Several spice jars have fallen from the cabinet and broken so I decided to move all the spices to a drawer. I found these cute colorful jars which fit perfectly. I punched circles from dark heavy scrapbook paper and wrote the names of the spices on the top. I decided to write all the spices out first and now that it's done, I realize that I should have waited to glue the paper on after the lid was screwed on so that the names all lined up nicely. However, see yesterday's post as to how I rarely have a full plan ahead of time. I learn as I go. So they are gloriously and perfectly imperfect. It serves as a reminder to me to not only accept myself as I am but to celebrate this wonky way of being. 

My second daughter came over on Tuesday for a cooking day. We went grocery shopping together and then spent the rest of the day making tasty Whole Food 30 / Paleo friendly recipes. 

Now, lots of food in the fridge and freezer for both of us. Yum!

The morning is moving along and I think I'd like to get to my art table for some creative play while this snow is still falling. Let me show you some things on the What-Not Shelf before I settle in to that.

from the what-not shelf


I love the creativity and artistry of OK-Go. It's always a thrill to see a new video from them. 

OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out

Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for "Upside Down & Inside Out". A million thanks to S7 Airlines. #GravitysJustAHabit

Posted by OK Go on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello, World!

and for an entirely different flavor. Two incredibly talented voices. It breaks my heart that addiction stole her from us so young. 


Zines are showing up everywhere!    

It is very encouraging to see other artists picking up their pencils and taking notice of their own living. There is something so comforting to me about peering into someone else's artistic rendering of their everyday. The drawings combined with the little tidbits we journal about our own intimate details, it means so much to me. The making of our daily living into pieces of art has a lifting effect. I do believe it helps us rise above normals. We get a taste of our own extraordinary. 

What is your devotion?     

What do you love? Are you giving it enough discipline?

What are you disciplined about? Do you really love it?

What do you claim you are devoted to that you are not really devoted to? What’s that all about?

Live your Wild    

Yes, the deeper truth that I uncovered is that quite simply, I was just… too… much… for. me.

Because how do you handle a supersonic, subsonic, mind-altering, craze-tonic, psychobabble, hallucinating, dream-busting, hip hop-rapping bitch? Exactly, and what the hell does any of that mean anyway?

Do you see my problem?

Overhelmed? Find your center.    

Sometimes, when external factors like these seem overwhelming, we feel unable to remove ourselves from the situation long enough to gain perspective and compose ourselves in order to move forward.

Very often, these external factors become internalized, and our minds start reeling. “I’ll never get it all done, my life is spiraling out of control, I can’t get myself together…” The internal loop can be loud, persistent, and ultimately paralyzing. And once it begins, it is hard to stop.

On this night, I felt so overwhelmed that I thought I would either cry or pass out. The only coping mechanism that came to mind was, “Sleep!” Given my sickness, this was probably quite appropriate. But I had things to do—real-life obligations that I could not avoid.

So what do you do in those moments when life must go on? What about the times you can’tdefer your duties in favor of your bed?

Practicing Discernment    

We're not taught to discern, HOWEVER.
Instead we're taught to judge.
Judge Others. Judge ourselves . . . . 

Discernment can feel utterly foreign ... naked ...
Uncomfortable ... brutally honest. 
For me, it looks like this:

Smudging as a Morning Ritual     

It's a whisper. It's a roar. It's one woman in her little home asking all that is greater than her to support her in this day, to clear space for all that is to come, to clasp us gently in its grasp.


And Finally ... 

I received this in the mail this week from the incredible Carrie Hilgert.  The book, I am You, celebrates our connectedness. It is full size, 150 pages of art and photography and words that flow from heart to heart, soul to soul. It is encouraging and inspiring. You can order a signed copy from Carrie's Etsy shop. Do it. You won't regret it.

Tell me.
What's going in your corner of the world today?
What's keeping you curious?