tell a new story

I want us to live our lives rather than perform them.
— kelly diels*

Ok, I admit it. I have caught the Hamilton fever. I knew next to nothing about the musical except it was a crazy hit, had won a bunch of Tony awards, and was probably instrumental in Alexander Hamilton remaining on the ten dollar bill. Then I saw Lin Manuel Miranda on Saturday Night Live where he riffed off  I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot and I was intrigued ... this is a hip hop musical?! This past Saturday, I recorded and watched a bit of Hamiltion's America (saving the rest for when I returned home). Shaking my head at the genius I was witnessing, I went searching for a way to listen to the full performance. The album is on spotify! I've listened three times since Saturday. By the time the musical goes on tour and makes it way anywhere near me, I will have every word memorized. 

Driving home from the coast yesterday, my husband and I listened to it together. The last song began to play, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells your Story:

and I was captivated by the thought of who tells your story ... because I believe in the power of story. I also believe that we have the power to tell our own story. 

Sometimes it can feel like life happens to us, around us. It can feel like we are nothing but a player in the drama, the comedy, the tragedy. It can feel that way and it can be easy to give over to just playing a role, performing to a script not written for us or by us. 

What to do? 

Tell a new story.

Write yourself into the script. 

Live your life instead of perform it. 

I believe that you already know who you are. 
I believe that you have a story to tell.
I believe that when the story wrapped around you doesn't reflect who you are and how you are in the world, you can tell a new story. Change the narrative. Live the truth of who you are. 

*quote from Kelly Diels most recent love letter. Check her out.