what's up and what-not | v. 2

A lot of people like snow.
I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.
— carl reiner

It's  hot cup of coffee, stare out the window type of morning. It's white out there but it's not really snow. Mostly ice. That's how we roll here in South Carolina. If there's gonna be snow, there's gonna be a layer of ice under and over it. We aren't prepared for this type of weather. We don't have the type of or enough road equipment to make traveling safe. We aren't used to having to drive in it so we don't have snow tires or chains or the experience.  So we don't. We close our schools and our government offices. Doctor offices close. Anything non-essential usually closes. Don't judge us. Don't mock us. We are trying to be as safe as we can. 

The tracks you see there are coming from my driveway. If I could have gotten a wider shot, you could see that my driveway is the only one in the circle and adjacent cul-de-sac and on down the road that has tire tracks from leaving this morning. My husband has an essential job. Someone has to be there telling those planes where to go. The second set of tire tracks is from my son leaving for his job this morning. At a restaurant. Not quite as essential. My worried mother mind wonders about who in the world would be there eating breakfast and lunch. I question why it is necessary for him to be at work. Thankfully, he arrived at work safely and assures me if the weather continues to get worse ( as is predicted) and the roads get worse as well ( as they probably will), then the restaurant is closing and he will be home. I am not sure what makes me worried more, his being stuck at work or him trying to drive home.  

I've never been a fan of winter weather. Growing up, I preferred to stay in the house looking out the window from the warmth of my room. I remember getting so frustrated when people would walk through the yard or sidewalks, mucking up the beautiful, white blanket. The occasional snow while the children were growing up was an exercise in frustration because it took so long to get them ready to go outside and play and then they would be back in a fraction of that time. Rinse and repeat. Now that they are older, I simply worry about them traveling in it. 

The reading challenge is still going strong. A few of the books I had placed on hold at the library came in.

library books.jpg

Have you read any of these? What do you enjoy reading? Where do you get your reading recommendations? I am loving Anne Bogel's site, The Modern Mrs. Darcy, and her new podcast, What Should I Read Next. On the show, she asks her guests to tell her three books they love and why, one book that they hated, and what they would like to change about their reading this year. Based on that information, she recommends three books to read next. I have definitely added to my list!

I am setting aside, for now, one book that I was reading to begin The Girl on the Train because it has to be returned in two weeks. However, given my track record this year so far and a winter weather day, I will probably finish it today. The book I set aside is The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber. It's compelling enough to keep me reading but obviously not so compelling that I would hesitate to push pause. Here is a quote I shared from it the first day I started reading:

That particular day, I found and began working on my last assignment for The Magic School in which we were playing with the idea of reshaping reality as part of our magic making in the world. The Magic School has been on of the most wonderful courses I have ever taken. I highly recommend it. Check out Mandy's Magic Mini posts to get a taste of what Magic School is all about. ( Also, the Secret Message Society zine has a wonderful new focus this year. Check it out! )

My snack of choice this week has been these kale chips I made. I think I would leave out the salt next time. I find kale chips already are a bit salty and I am sure I could salt them a bit, if needed, after baking. 

I had a long conversation yesterday with my son who is working in the Grand Canyon. We talked about books and movies and both are such an important part of our family culture. It's all about the power of story. With that in mind, I am taking the challenge to watch fifty-two films this year by women film makers. I've only seen fifteen from this list of 103 essential films from female filmmakers

Taking a turn toward the creative side of self, I want to share this post from Alisa Burke about establishing a sketching routine. This is something I want to be more intentional about this year. I want to make marks with purpose. Not that there is anything wrong with my intuitive doodling. There is a place for that and I want to do more of that as well. I love making marks and letting them lead me to the next and the next and the next. I find the way by allowing the connections. 

Appropriately, I am fascinated to learn that David Bowie used a cut-up method of writing lyrics:

I love the unconscious intelligence that he speaks of and I want to explore that concept of combining unrelated concepts in order to allow a dialogue, a conversation, to listen to what there is to learn. 

I sat down to write this post this morning. After several pauses to check in on children getting to work, to make breakfast, to put dinner in the crockpot, I am still here, mussing around. Before posting, I want to give you three more links. The first two, I want to amplify the messages from these resounding voices. 

First,Carrie Hilgert speaks to the misfits:

I’m telling you right now:

you. are. not. broken.

you are not too much this or that

you, in fact, can believe what you want.
it is your birthright.
No one can tell you what to do.
Or how to be.
Or what to believe.
And furthermore, you are a cycle breaker
you are a renegade
against generations of fear based living


And in the  spirit of living uncaged, from Jessica Myscofski at Rebelle Society:

All that keeps us caged is ourselves, our ego maks, the need to look good for someone else, the thought that we must be whatever it is we think we are not. The insinstence on following the rules, and fear of being wrong. 


The last thing I want to leave you with is my urging you to visit my friend Megan and sign up for her newsletter. She has something amazing in the works. I have been HONORED to be a part of her test group and to give feedback on my experience and I am telling you, It's Gonna Rock your World! Go now ... sign up so that you'll know when its available. (Here's a hint. It's about healing your relationship with money ... oops ... well, that was probably more than a hint. But I didn't give it all away and I am tell you ... It has been life changing for me)