all things new

And now we welcome the new year,
full of things that have never been
— ranier marie rilke

I write the title of this post, "all things new" and immediately I ask myself, "Really? Can all the things be new?" We make such a big deal about the turning of time, dropping of the ball, stroke of midnight, kissing and wishing "Happy New Year!" The resolutions are made, promising to commit to new habits, to change the way of living. We want all things to be new. We want the clean slate. We want to start over. 

I've done this time and time again yet this is the first year that I feel that there is real possibility of change. We are beginning our lives in a new house that felt like home from the first time I stepped through the doors. The new location offers the opportunity of establishing my presence as a working artist here. Whew! Now that scares me more than just a little. I don't know what I want to do. I don't know how to make a list of goals and things to make and offer. 

So I breathe and do the next thing. 

Today next thing is writing about the new year. Typically, I would announce my word and intention of the year. I think I know it but there has been little time to sit in the quiet and listen to the quiet inner voice. That is where the wisdom is. I have to drown out the voices saying, "You wanna be a working artist then you need to focus on this!" or "You still need to grow in this area so choose this word!" Sometimes the obvious is not the right choice. I am searching for the needful thing that has been pushed to the corner. 

The rest of most of this day will be spent at a table, surrounding myself with journals and whatever supplies I can get my hands on since most of everything is still packed up waiting for the studio space to be painted. I will be going within and charting a course for 2016. I am wise enough to know there will be detours and pause but those are part of the way  making as well. 

Tonight, almost all of my children will be joining us for their Christmas gift of seeing Newsies!! This is one of our family's favorite musicals. We will restrain ourselves from swinging from the balcony and singing along. ( though in our hearts and minds, that is exactly what we will be doing!)