best day ever

Children are the rainbow of life; grandchildren are the pot of gold.
— irish blessing

It's later in the day and I am pleasantly tired. Not exhausted, not worn out. Only pleasantly tired from spending the day with my grandsons while their parents went to a Clemson football game. Oh the energy. Oh the gusto for life. Oh the feeling everything with complete body and heart. 

We made these cute Butterfly Snacks bags!

I thought it was just a fun, normal day full of one Mi Mi going to head to head with three rambunctious boys. At one point, there was quite an effort of mind control. My daughter asked was it my mind controlling them or them trying to control each other. I said, "Oh, I think they are trying to control me!" to which she replied, "you can't control the Master Jedi" HAH!

The day was declared the best day ever by at least one of the grandsons. Since I scored three hugs and three kisses when I left, I would have to agree with him.