Heart on Fire

She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.
— charles bukowski

Two days ago I wrote "You don't have to chop yourself up and offer up palatable pieces given the circumstances." That thought came to me during a conversation online when someone offered explanation, justification, and almost apology before posting an article ... gasp ... a political article! 

I responded, writing, " I am done keeping my politics and spirituality to myself . . . .  when I relaunch my website offering art and poetry and spiritual thought and personal musings, my political leanings will show. I am done chopping myself up and offering only what is palatable in any given circumstances." 

Here I am telling you that I have a heart of fire. The things I believe in, I believe in INTENSELY. Though I am open to respectful challenge and information to consider, I hold tightly to my right to burn brilliantly for a cause. 

In the past, I have tempered these subjects, these issues, in my writing. As a blogger and someone who is building the *essence of my work, I know that it is recommended to narrow my focus to only what pertains to my art making, to my artwork. I think we have all been taught that polite conversation should not include religion or politics. 

This is a matter of authenticity to me. It feels false for me to hide my political leanings, my spiritual explorations, and my opinions on complex matters. I do not wish to offend or inflame but I must present who I am and what I believe in wholeheartedly. Even when and especially when my beliefs are riddled with questions and doubts and innocent ignorance, I must talk about what burns within. 

So there, you have been forewarned. It might get political. It will definitely get spiritual with a big helping of woo woo with atheistic leaning agnostic on the side. When I don't have the words myself, I will post links to the words of others who probably understand the issues better than I.

I will rant a little and love a lot. 

Love is the key. Love is what stokes the fire in my heart. Love of mercy and justice and for more love. Love for choice and freedom and life. Love of questions and doubt and new ways of seeing. 

* essence of my work - I have a difficult time embracing the word business for my practice, offering, and work in the world. During a conversation with those who hold my dreams, my Enlightened Selfishness Partners, I discovered this term that resonates so wonderfully in my soul. 

(now for something completely random. I have been listening to this while writing:

and now I think I am going to go watch the movie!