important vs urgent

It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease.
Hack away at the inessentials.
— bruce lee

Lots of time spent in my art journal today. 

At some point, the gremlin thoughts began to race around and I began to admonish myself for spending SO much time on clipping and snipping, gluing, and making marks. I actually began to battle with myself about all the other more worthy things I could be doing. I momentarily questioned the purpose of this practice that has been with me for so long. 

I practice many art forms.  Painting at my easel in my large journal is a source of healing, painting for my life. Art journaling is a way to bring forth the wisdom that I carry within. Whatever the question, I can usually find answers of some sort within the pages. Sometimes the answers are more questions. Creating poetry from book pages brings me the most contentment. Hmmmm. Contentment is much needed in my life right now. I haven't been with my words in that way in quite a while. Why is it that we let the important things give way to mindless or urgent?

Ah, the urgent or at least the perceived urgent that steals away time and energy from what is truly important. I realized long ago that few things are absolutely, life or death, urgent. Few things. Very few things. Why then, do I give my time away to anything that is not important?

In addition to art journaling today, I hacked away at the waist high weeds/grass. Yes. I said waist high. True confession. It was hot. It kept raining during the evening hours when it was cooler. I was having some issues with my hands and couldn't grip the lawn mower. Then I noticed it was super long and I knew it was going to be a huge job so I ignored it. That didn't help. It wasn't going to cut itself. LOL!

Under close scrutiny, all the reasons I think I have for not cutting the grass are merely excuses. I had some evenings but I gave those evenings to something else. Something I thought important and yet, today I am faced with my lack of prioritizing. All of my time and energy cannot be given away in other places. My yard, my home, and my self need attention, energy, and time. 

It never works to ignore self care and truth. That is the lesson I was learning while out pushing the lawn mower slowly, ever so slowly, through the jungle grass. I am ready to take a look at my resources and the demands upon my resources. I am going to make different choices. 

I ended tonight sitting in front of the fire. It is the new moon and I try to be in front of fire each new moon and full moon. This is a time of setting intentions and making wishes. I don't always burn the wishes but tonight it felt appropriate to do so. I won't tell all my secrets but I will tell you that several of my wishes center on making priorities and specifically with bumping myself and my home to the top of the list. 

It's been a long and beautiful day. There were some sad and painful moments that are not my story to tell. I will say that I witnessed great strength. I am encouraged and inspired to believe that all will be well in the end. This is merely a turn in the road, a plot twist. The ending will still be a happy one.