the naked trees

If the trees can be so bold, so can you.
— carrie hilgert

It's been a cheating sort of day. I don't know why I am calling it that. I guess because I took off this morning with my eldest son to the nearby state park when I should be packing or preparing for Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day and the trees have been calling me. 

Then tonight, I scrolled through some favorite blogs while I waited to pick up my sons from a movie and I found words that spoke specifically to my love affair with naked trees. I want to share some of those words with you today instead of sharing my own. See?  A cheating day. This step brings me closer to my desire to amplify the voices of those who speak my language. 

Find your temperance in the ground. In the earth. Among the naked trees, standing bare in their glory. See how beautiful they are wearing their bones like a prize. Unashamed.  They don't care if anyone understands them. They are so much bigger than that. Stand among them and feel the pulse move up through your feet. You are one with everything you see. If the trees can be so bold, so can you. 

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