starting in the middle

The only way around is through.
— robert frost

Two weeks ago, we were not intentionally looking for a house to buy. A week ago, we had signed the contract. Three weeks from today, we will have our closing and take possession of our home. We will be moving for the first time in twenty-two years. 

It has been so fast and a bit overwhelming and I know there is work to be done but I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that it is happening. We found our dream home and we are moving. 

"The only way around is through." - robert frost

My thoughts are swirling so quickly as I am beginning to think about what needs to be done that I am going to have to be very intentional about this process of making plans. I am returning to a more stripped down version of planning. There is a place for my dreaming and collage, my digging deep and reflection. That type of planning informs the to-do list. 

I need the focus of just the action plan. I am beginning a Bullet Journal as a way of dumping my brain into written form. This is what I need to organize a move in the midst of holiday season and two birthdays. This is what I need to move my dreaming into the making it happen. 

Though it be the middle of November, it is a very, very fine time to start.