i am good at

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly
— rumi

Here's a question for you.

Do you know just how good you are at the work that you do in the world?

Can you say that to yourself? 

Can you whisper it, "I am good at this." 

Can you say it loudly?

I am GREAT at this!

That's the first step. 

But let me ask you this. 

How do you feel about owning just how good you are to other people? 

When someone says, "You are so good at what you do", what is your response? 

Do you shrug it off?

Do you accept the compliment graciously with a smile?

Do you nod and confidently say,  "I know! I AM good at what I do!" 

Here is what I know. 

When you have found THE thing that you have to offer the world, it feels FABULOUS to be doing that work. It feels great to be good at the thing you love doing. It should also feel great to own that publicly. 

One of my favorite stories is a joke that Pete Holmes tells about Joel Osteen. 

I love this joke so much because there is just really so much truth to it, wonderful truth. Whether or not you agree with his theology and approach, Joel Osteen is great at what he does. It is a wonderful thought to me to think of him celebrating when he gets off stage. That doesn't offend me at all because I think we all should believe in our own magic like that. 

Here is what I am good at:

I am good at standing in front of an easel and holding love and light and intention. I am good at picking up a brush and spattering, dripping, scraping paint in layers on paper and canvas. I am good at trusting the painting and listening to the next step even when the next step feels like it will ruin it all. Sometimes it does but there is always a next step to take which then leads to the truth of it all. I am good at capturing the spirit and essence of my questions and intentions. 

I am good at asking questions. Sometimes those questions pierce deeply into the heart and can be quite uncomfortable. I believe that truth should be uncovered and I do not fear making that first cut. I am good at pondering possibilities. I am good at exploring, digging deep, and making a way for others to explore. 

I am good at standing my ground, at knowing what is important to fight for. I am good at learning how to let go when it is necessary. I am good at learning. period. 

There's a few of the things. 

What about you?

What are you good at?