a way of questions

When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be.
— lao tzu

"What am I willing to give up in order to have the life that I want?" 

What if the answer to that is personal, very personal? What if the answer to that means giving up what I am, who I am, and all that I have believed to be true about myself? What if that means giving up the fear, the small stories, the idea that I am not a dreamer?

What if I began to give those things up? What if the story I began to tell myself was EXPANSIVE? What if I began to believe that life is working out for my good, truly believe it, and believe that I am worthy of that good life. What if belief has magical power? Does that sound crazy or impractical or delusional?

What if small shifts in thinking created huge shifts in action? What if huge shifts in action led to dreams coming true? Is it possible that I can have all that I ever dreamed of? Is that OK? Is  it OK to want more, to desire change, to leap into the next chapter of my life? 

What if my future has rushed into my now? What if I don't have to wait for the perfect time because the perfect time is now? What if my next is staring me in the face begging me to believe in what is possible? 

What if I could bow my head in gratitude for obvious blessings and also for the challenges that allow me to grow? What if I could accept the stretching of my trust? What if I could invite and welcome more exploration and opportunity into my life?

What if less is not more? What if more is enough? What if there were no limitations?

What if I don't have to justify my existence? What if the standard of measurement doesn't apply to me? What if my work for myself is also my work for the world?

What if I am not safe but I am good? What if I am scary but I am also trustworthy and loyal? What if I grew tired of trying to prove this? Who would I be without that definition?

What if the questions never really went too far away? What if the questions have come rushing back to me because I created space for them to be here again? What if questions are not all about doubt and fear but more about imagining a new way of being?