creating a magical space

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.
— jane austen, mansfield park

I found this video I made in December of last year. A flip through of some images from all my 2014 journals. I made one for each much from January to June and then had one journal from July until December. 

It was a year of losing and letting go. It was a year of surviving. I am astounded when I look back and see all the words that I found to heal me, to guide me, to define the moment. There may not be a flip through for 2015 because I lost some of the magic of it. Maybe I even forgot some of the magic of it. I stopped creating good space for the practice. 

I revisit these pages and it is like sitting with an old friend, reminiscing, remembering. I'd like to gift myself an entire weekend to pull out all of my journals and flip through them. Magic is there and I am in deep need of some magic to carry forward into 2016. I want to return to what has been so rich and meaningful in the past or at least create a new way that is equally as magical.