resurrecting the body

The human body is the best picture of the human soul.
— ludwig wittgenstein

If the body is the best picture of the human soul, then the soul work that I am doing this year is about my body as well. In the same way that my soul was trampled deep beneath the rubble of some difficult years, my body is crushed with the weight she has been carrying. The persistent pain is sounding the alarm. Pay attention! Make some changes. Find yourself embraced by peace again.

I am all about self acceptance and body love. That love sometimes calls for changes in diet, in habit. In the response to the pain that wakes me up, I say, "Isn't that interesting? What would happen if I did this?" Change! Do something different because what I am doing is not working for my good, for my best.

Yesterday was the first day of changes. Gold stars to me for not waiting until Monday. In my mind, I think that perfect starts begin on Monday. How silly. Perfect starts begin in this moment. I didn't over think it. I instinctively leaned toward what I felt my body needed. I have chosen to explore a Paleo way of eating.

This is a journey made of up of days. Right now, I am having to make it through one day at a time. My body is screaming like a toddler for me to just go back, fill it with "comfort" foods because she doesn't know what is best for her. She thinks she needs the sugar, the grains, the dairy. I believe all of that may be the source of the acute pain but also it is definitely what put the weight on my body leading to some potentially chronic issues. My body cannot continue to carry this amount of weight. 

There is more to the equation that food. I know that. I need to move. I want to move. My energy levels have been so low and my body so achy that I haven't been able to do that. Making this first change will create space for me to take the next step. 

Excavation is a slow process. It takes a lot of work, persistent and patient work. Hope for what will be discovered and reclaimed is the motivation. I am lifting another layer in this year of looking for myself. I am uncovering the fire inside and the body that holds the flame is being resurrected. 

I recently discovered these photos from 2010. I am not sure what I was exploring with this self-project. I think they beautifully illustrate this excavation of myself and my body.