priming the pump

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The biggest challenge I have in stepping into my painting practice is not knowing where to start, what to do. I have many projects in process that are growing stale. They need new energy, new life. There IS life there. I recently posed that question to myself and to others. Is there life? I don’t want to waste my time and energy trying to resuscitate what has no spark of life left.

The project stacked around the studio? They still have life but I feel rusty and creaky. I have struggle with knowing how to begin, where to begin again.

Last year I purchased several ( well, maybe many ) online courses from Alisa Burke. I had yet to do much of anything with them. I’ve decided they are the perfect exercise to get my creative juices flowing. To help get the creaky, rusty pipes working again.

This week, I am filling up a watercolor pad with acrylic blooms. Already, I feel looser. I recognize how tightly I have been gripping the paintbrush. My anxiety is dripping away. I think this practice will begin to allow the flow to happen again and make space for me to move. I am excited to see how this shifts my painting style, how it clears the way for me to hear my voice again.

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