take a chance

Photo by  Sammie Vasquez  on  Unsplash

It is one thing to release a rush of words in a moment of passion,

following the scent of a calling that feels bigger than yourself

but remains that still small voice that has always guided you.

It is one thing to pry your hands from your around your mouth

and let loose the unrefined words,

the words that don’t shine and glimmer

but radiate a truthful light

It is one thing to take the next big leap

that lands you right back to the beginning

Of who you have always been

this is your origin story that you are singing.

it is another thing to wake up to the morning light

whispering in at the window

and know that your wake up call has already rung

what has been released cannot be contained again

It is another thing to allow yourself to be changed

in the way that speaking the truth does

to allow the light to illuminate

every stumble, every crack in the voice,

every beautiful flaw

It is another thing to have the morning after regrets

and wonder, “what have I done”

when all that you have done matters

simply because you matter

you are the substance, the weighty proof,

that love exists in the world

so please, let the words tumble from your lips

speak the i love you prematurely

who knows if you will get another chance

we all want to believe in a world of second chances

while wasting the one right in front of us

Take a chance.

Take a chance.

Take a chance.

Cynthia LeeComment