hey daydreamer

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imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality
— lewis carroll

Hey daydreamer.

Please let me tell you that you are not shallow or flighty or insignificant. It is perfectly OK … more than OK … in fact it is good for you ( and for us ) … when you get lost in the wandering of your imagination. That is where the seeds of a new world are created and for all that is wild and wonderful, we need a new world.

There are those that destroy and rebuild. There are those that march in the streets. There are those that fight for justice for all the world to see. And we are grateful for them.

And then there are those that escape this reality in order to play with the possibilities. There are those that paint or read fairytales or sit quietly staring at the wind rippling through the trees. There are those who go about mundane tasks or jobs while carrying revolutionary amounts of love in their hearts.

The most important thing is to know who you are and to show up in the world undeniably. Don’t take on work that you are not called to or gifted for. We all have our own unique place and way. Trying to be someone else or do someone else’s work leaves your space empty. We would miss you.

Stir your imagination … please.

We are grateful.

Cynthia LeeComment