Once upon a time  . . . 

         I made a little zine ... spiritspeak ... but the busyness of life and the death of my mother took that away from me. Or more true to the point, I allowed it to slip from my fingers. 


and once upon a more recent time . . . 

         I made another little zine ... a lowly howl ... that came to me as our beloved chihuahua companion of thirteen plus years was leaving us. It was his attempted lowly howls in those last days that called to my heart to create again. Honoring the sacredness of these moments that life gives. it was different and a bit too formless, missing its rudder, I think. I didn't know what it was or why it was so it was easy for it to get lost, again, in the busyness. I let it slip away. 


Once upon this time that is now . . . 

         I am making a zine ... incantational ... and given the roaring success I have had in the past with making zines, why would I ever dare to offer this one? Maybe third times the charm? or maybe I believe in try try again? Or it could be my deep belief that what seeds slipped from my hands the first two times fell onto fertile ground. There is something beautiful and true growing from what came before. 


Incantational came to me as I pondered this yearly practice of choosing a word or intention each year. I realized that my word was a prayer, of sorts ... words with power, an incantation. This year I want to go beyond just the choosing of my word. I want to immerse myself in active intentionality, exploring different ways of seeing my word, interacting with it, creating this year in service to what my word has to teach me. 


My 2018 word is PAUSE


One of my creative endeavors this year in collaboration with my word is this zine, this little interactive zine. It is sixteen 4.25" x 5.5 " pages of exploration ... quotes ... questions ... intentional space ... prompts ... poetry. Each month, I am choosing a different take on PAUSE and discovering the possibilities. I invite you to join me in the pages. 

January's theme was PAUSE as LINGER

January's theme was PAUSE as LINGER


INCANTATIONAL  :  the zine

is available as single purchase issues, as a month to month subscription,
or as an option to subscribe for the entire year in advance.

It is created in the day to day of living my life
 and mailed to you on the 27th of each month. 

Journey with me for the entire year with this zine (purchasing all twelve issues)  and
 receive a custom created zine at the end of the year honoring your 2018 word of the year. 


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