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  1. I woke up this morning thinking about pressure points and how the constant pressure can make us feel tender and sore

  2. I have begun keeping a done it list, a way of convincing my brain that I am actually doing a lot during the day. Today, I did three things that I have been putting off for weeks. Gold stars for me!

  3. My coffee didn’t taste good today.

  4. I spend time bearing witness to other’s stories, cultivating connection, stirring my imagination

  5. my poem creations are a practice in exploration. I am still figuring out what products and tools work best, still creating the way.

  6. I sing silly songs to him while we are running errands. He says, “that was beautiful” and I believe that he meant it

  7. potentially awkward situation this evening, bringing up bad memories and unresolved conflicts, and I have the opportunity to go high and I do, subversively. ( for the record, it was a shitty thing to happen and my anger was justified )

  8. about a million sermons on forgiveness are running through my head right now along with many words about boundaries and self respect and i know that they are not mutually exclusive

  9. i say that I am not a dreamer … but what if I am already living the dream?

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