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  1. I dreamed about him last night but I don’t remember what I dreamed except at the end when it took a turn toward old patterns and something upsetting.

  2. waking with adrenaline induced heart pounding isn’t my favorite way to wake

  3. Happy birthday to my love.

  4. the morning feels good, like invisible structures are holding me up

  5. yoga is challenging today. I shouldn’t have eaten breakfast even if it has been two hours ago. A full belly makes bending and twisting uncomfortableI have no problems listening to my body and taking alternative poses. the practice is all about showing up and listening

  6. the bottom drops out of the sky and the rain pours, pours, pours. Please wash away the pollen!

  7. paying attention to what I want to do and recognizing patterns. I think it may be easier to step into the maze and work within it rather than to spend all my time wishes it away

  8. casting vision

  9. I’ve been working while sitting on the floor the past few days, leaning over, propped up on my left hand and now my left hand is not very happy with me.

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