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the morning feels fuzzy when I expected to wake up clear

saving the first cup of coffee until I can sit and watch CBS Sunday morning. This is my hour and a half of nourishing my soul. It grounds me.

we’ve begun attending services at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. This isn’t an entirely new venture. Slowly we are reaching to be involved, to cultivate connections and community. Slowly, because I usually rush into these things in an unsustainable way

I’ve been rushing in ever since we walked out of a particular church in 2005. Leaving there devastated me. Felt as close to a divorce as I can imagine it would feel. We lost friendships. We lost identity. Just like someone rebounded from a long but sometimes bad relationship, I rushed into many others before leaving it all behind.

the weather is heavy today and it is weighing on my neck and shoulders.

Unicorn Store was sweet and quirky

lots of sitting on the floor these yesterday and today, creating vision. my hips aren’t especially happy but soaking in the tub will quiet them down.

Listening. holding space for the unraveling. Holding belief that she already knows but just needs to find her way.

honestly, is there anything that potatoes cannot fix. Forget grain bowls, I will take a mashed potato bowl with all the things any day.

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