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  1. Waking naturally. Alarms do not do my spirit good. Or maybe this is an excuse I tell myself. 

  2. Or maybe I am sensitive to decades of sleep deprivation and have vowed to do better by myself. For myself. 

  3. time. I always struggle with it. Even when I vow to quite treating it as a commodity. Even when I vow that time must serve me instead of my serving time.

  4. Beautiful weather for a walk. Hand in hand. Talking about not much of anything but it is all so important to us.

  5. Home to make bagel, hummus, and veggie sandwiches. This is my go to most of the time.

  6. Listening to Anne lamott talk about radical self care and a deep understanding washes all over me. It is offering the care and kindness to myself that I would offer to another. Wow. So simple. So profound.

  7. he heats up dinner. It's these little things that make the biggest difference. 

  8. Into the Woods. Superb and magical and funny and just what I wanted and needed. This is what theater is all about.

  9. Welcoming these few quiet moments at the end of the night. Clearing the table and laying out things I will need in the morning. This is the my gift to my future self. Just a little bit of preparation.

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