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  1. beginning my day berating myself for sleeping later than I wanted to when I didn’t go to sleep until much later than I wanted to is no way to begin the day

  2. what if I choose being gentle with myself

  3. secret messages slam into secret messages giving me an all systems go message. And that is why I am here tonight, making my list.

  4. releasing perfection. Embracing continuity and consistency. hitting pause is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of knowing my limitations. sometimes we need to be strengthened in our saying no because we don’t even realize that we can say no to what we are supposed to do.

  5. i say, “according to whose rules? write your own rules. create your own game”

  6. today is a day where I feel that all things are possible. and if not all things, a whole lot of things! I will choose to believe.

  7. captain marvel and the power of claiming your name. I can bear witness to stepping into my life as Cynthia Lee proved to be an incredible strong power.

  8. half a banana sandwich and bedtime tea as I wrap up a few loose ends of the day.

  9. nighttime sounds tonight are not peaceful. the neighbor is working on something … bang, bang, bang, bang.

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