| 00033 |

  1. a night of little sleep and I wake up in slow motion

  2. I am glad for it because otherwise i would have missed the phone call which gifted me a little bit of time with the youngest daughter. I will always take whatever I can get.

  3. sitting at the table listening to them make up silly money making schemes. I know I could go off to the studio but I love being in their presence. They make me laugh and there are little things that they say and do which show me so much love for each other and for me.

  4. back out the door, a quick grocery trip, home for a bite to eat, a shower and that is how it is already noon before I go to the studio

  5. My impatience with myself rises and weirdly makes me feel like my creative process is an interruption to my creative work.

  6. the 100 day project, day ten and I am frustrated at what I don’t know how to do, forgetting that this too is about process. Sometimes i feel sort of befuddled that others are finding these rearranged words so powerful and touching. Maybe there is magic here.

  7. a walk with the grandsons

  8. noticing the shadows on the dining room ceiling, angles and shapes that feel incredibly beautiful to me . . . even the cobweb hanging down.

  9. Phantom of the Opera’s All I Ask of You breaks me tonight. It is his favorite musical and one of my biggest regrets is that I never got to take him to see it. I miss him so much.

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