| 00074 |

it is windy today. Doesn't it seem to be windier than it used to be? A new world is coming? 



Squeezing in moments of writing into this morning before. 



I hate small talk. 



the house is clean and there are few moments of simply complete quiet and stillness. I'm gathering energy. 



We gather and have a loud, rambunctious, dinner. This is who we are. 



Many moments today where I want to hide away, where I want to gather up my tender and raw feelings and retreat to tend to my healing by myself. 


Honestly, my feelings get hurt so easily lately. I do not understand the angst. 



these are the times when I simply wish I were different than who i am. My too muchiness is too much even for me. 



Awake late, feeling anxious, maybe some excitement, maybe too much sugar.