| 00073 |

woke before light filled the room to the birds singing. I love windows opened weather.

and coffee on the front steps and checking in with instagram. What fills your cup?

Being very aware of how social media is designed to steal our attention. What will you give your attention to today? and I may have just found my guiding question.

The trees have filled out. The sky is full of their green leaves and their branches are full of singing birds. This day is glorious. How many days in a row can I say that? I hope many.

I am uncomfortable ... I sit here and ponder what movement this will require of me. It's all about the energy.

More shifts on the way. Adjustments. Aligning.

Yoga tonight for the first time in a few weeks. Speaking of alignment.

Trying on automation. Not sure if it is enough or better but somethings gotta give.



Watching the handmaid tale and thinking about how it seems impossible but not so far either. The underlying freedoms are already being challenged. So what now?