| 00082 |

nothing like the cat bringing chipnunks to play with while you are recording a live video. It is nothing if not real. 



I'm feel floaty today. She tells me that many people are. What is going on with the planets and the stars right now?



I am feeling quite scattered brain lately ... which means I assume that we are all feeling scattered brained ... and I just want to know what the plan is. 



The luna moth emerged last night. Fleeting beauty, short life, destined only to create. 



I am learning to accept the cycles of life and to hold on loosely. 



Digging up the things that I don't want growing in the yard today . . . and that would mean I am digging up the grass. I'm so backward. I'll take a yard of clover please. 



doing little bits at a time. I'm the tortoise. 



sitting on the back porch, fan spinning over head, mid afternoon rain shower. The world smells alive. 



And now Thor ragnorak.