| 00081 |

sometimes the coffee tastes like wet dog. Why do I keep drinking it? 



a walk through my backyard feels like a walk through the deep words, wild and free.



Why it is OK for the outside to be wild and free but not the inside?



I am deep in distraction mode this morning. 



and I am holding on to reaching forward but honestly, it's a bit exhausting



I'm not sure about these expectations I have put upon myself. I don't have a job... I am my job... So I feel that I must have expectations but it's so difficult to weight and measure them. 



Whisky something or other drink at dinner. Oh yeah... I don't really like whisky. 



Waitress. I've seen the movie. I don't remember how it ends. But here at the intermission I'm thinking about just how inappropriate it is for a doctor to have a relationship with his patient... And they are up there singing about it. 



Maybe I just feel sensitive about everything.