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Owning myself.

There is a difference between being with others and looking for the other to validate you.

I woke up with the morning light. This day feels glorious.

Just as I don't need the phone at my side at night, i am realizing that I don't need it as a constant companion during the day.

the second cup of coffee this morning is even better than the first.

Words that are echoing in my heart today, "we are all just walking each other home" by Ram Dass which invokes the imagery of walking together, hand in hand, kindness. But sometimes it feels like people are walking, prod in hand, looking for any inkling of imperfect being, with the intention of scorching you into right step.

Oh mourning dove. You sing a sad song that fills me with sweet nostalgia. You are the sound of my growing up in the southern summers.

For someone who processes so slowly, I am still a pretty fast thinker. And sometimes I simply want someone to keep up.

Sitting on the front steps at twilight, contemplating the coming night, listening to distant traffic, and nearby crickets.