| 00048 |


heading north this morning before the first cup of coffee. up the mountains. 


but coffee with one of the incredible humans. delivering shoes and rewarded with a long hug, smiles ... and coffee.


Happy Saturday! We're so glad you're here. Everyone wants to feel welcomed. 


breakfast ... veggie quesadilla. SO good. thanks Louise, whoever you are. 


and tears. so many tears as the fears rise to the surface again. so many fears that I haven't expressed to anyone. 


She says that my obsession is to help women find their voice. Yes, this may be true. It's sort of wonderful to be seen. 


I made a dragon egg today, with secret messages hidden inside


down, down, the mountain. my direction today but also one of my favorite childhood books. They grew turnips and then took them to town to sell them so they could buy squeaky new shoes. oh the memories


one needs the correct tools. everything is easier with the correct tools. this truth has many applications ... cooking, painting, construction, relationships.