| 00045 |


morning sounds. the hum of the refrigerator. the certain click the dishwasher door makes. the whooshing sound of water heating up in the electric kettle. the birds singing ... every morning. 


silence is never silent. Quiet is barely quiet. 


it is cold and windy in asheville today. spring is sneaking in bit by bit. Today a bit is missing. 


sitting in the restaurant, the heat radiates down and around, and looking out the window it is easy to forget that just moments before we were shivering, wishing for our winter coats. It is so toasty and cozy in here that I could just take a nap


all but one of us were members of the clean plate club today. what one couldn't finish, another did. we are full and satisfied. but outside, the cold and the wind await. 


I'm a pinball wizard today. Not really. But playing pinball brings back fuzzy memories of going somewhere with my brother and standing there beside the machine while he played. I was little, barely tall enough to see. 


Once home, I made my time to paint small square for this portal project. I have already doodled out some ideas for different designs. Where will this project take me? I am stepping through. 


Captain America : Winter Soldier tonight. The story is important but weakened by long, long, long fight scenes and car crash scenes and gun fights. I love good story telling and special effects and fight scenes alone do not make good story telling. 


Also, I could well do with never seeing another car crash scene again.