| 00071 |

this whole good morning thing starts with the night before. and I don't quite have the good nights down right.

I am feeling out of this world today. floating through space and time. I have learned to lean and listen closely when this happens. it must be the moon energy today.

words pour out like water. I am celebrating the focused time I carved out to simply write today.

Though I do get up from the table three times to turn off lights that I had left on. Distracting myself much?

and portals were created.

and podcasts were listened to. But can someone please tell Dax Shepard that two hours is TOO long for a podcast.

I threw myself into the fire, challenging myself, let's hope I don't burn up like I did this past month.

I won't. This is a fire of my own making. I think I just don't like playing in someone else's fire.

It feels good being ahead of the game. Tonight, I can watch a movie and go to sleep in peace.