| 00044 |


waking with a headache this morning, moving slowly into a day full of ambition


I spend the morning wrangling words; one of my favorite creative practices. I wonder if cowboys feel this satisfied when they've gathered all the cattle into the fence? I wonder if that is a tired and dated example? 


this is the day i've been waiting for. The 100 day project starts today. I am going to make 100 portals and I can already tell that I think I'm going in one direction but the creative spirit has something infinitely MORE in store for me. 


squares ... green and teal and yellow ... line the table. Not one portal is complete on day one, of course but many are begun. 


I feel heavy and light simultaneously. I saw a quote or a tattoo or something today that said, "fully rooted, I flow" Yes. 


what would I do without scraps of paper full of scribbled ideas, lists, and reminders. this is my analog version of too many tab open.


It is still porch weather. I will take every moment I can with that as my work space. Tonight, the crickets chirp and the magical lights are lit. It's a perfect space to pause. 


Pause. My word for this year. I feel anything but pause right now. My creative energy is on all systems go. 


and now it is time to wind down but the momentum wants to drag me further, just a bit more, please.