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the wind choreographs a morning light dance through the windows



seriously, chocolate and peanut butter is a brilliant combination. add coffee and it is perfection. 



How long has it been since I mopped my floors? I cannot remember. These are the things that I feel must be scheduled and automated because they are simply not getting done. Almost all the things fall into this category. 



I love when creative exploration teaches me and leads me down new paths. This is what it is all about. 




It is easy to forget that this is what it is all about. Producing a thing can be a great distraction.




sitting on the front steps, sanding wooden tiles, listening to birds sing, chatting with each adult child as they walk in and out for their various reasons. 



It is time to sweep out the old, stale energy of the hibernating months. There is newness on the horizon. I long for what is there while mourning what I will leave behind.



sitting around the table, chatting about movies and our favorite stories and characters. My greatest joy has been sharing stories with them. 



I think I want to revisit some of the best stories.