| 00069 |


restless sleep but morning is here with the promise of hours to play and work



coming down the stairs and I notice my ankle is twingy. Overdoing it and pushing through is standard procedure but I am practicing paying attention to my body messages



so today is a day for quiet work at the table, writing, and movies. 



Dr. Strange ... my second favorite marvel movie with Black Panther being the first. 



I am reaching for substance and structure; life feels a too loosey goosey lately. 



Today has been equal parts hibernation and dreaming and scheming. I do so love creating new things and I think the hibernation shields me from the distraction that dilutes my ideas. 



Starting in the middle like a boss 



I figure if I start enough things in the middle then I will eventually have a backlog of projects always ready to launch. 



working on the porch until dark tonight because the weather is that amazing and the day has been that long ... but in the best of ways.