| 00067 |


frustration and agitation wake with me this morning. these are signals that my coping skills are diminishing. 



He runs errands for me this morning. and I question why I label buying groceries as running errands for me. we are growing into this equality thing. 



whenever I have my phone in hand or am sitting in front of the computer and start laughing, he asks, "what has he done now" because he knows that sometimes laughter my nervous response to this regime. 



I wrote my words again. About grief of course. I am obsessively reliving August 17th, 2017 over again and again. 



Making better food choices for my body today. I've been stress eating the past few weeks. Today i return to what I know makes me feel best. Still not drinking enough water though. 



All the tiles are painted and ready for portals. I don't know that i am ready for this next step but I've been putting it off long enough. 



Captain America: Civil War. Back to the Super Hero education.



Yogi Bedtime Tea is my favorite nighttime ritual. 



It is encouraging to me that I have rituals and routines already in place. I simply need to notice.