| 00066 |


up early, tap tap tapping out words. stepping into such a flow that I feel like a completely other person



massage therapy today. I tell her about the two falls I had these past two weeks and she jokes about me stumbling over myself. Aha. Secret message received: I need to get out of my own way.



Lunch at our regular place. It could only be better if it were close ... like walking distance. 



and my favorite coffee drink for an after lunch treat ...  Rose cardamon latte. 



tender times call for a pillow nest. It's been awhile since I've done this. 



an energized discussion about things we want to plant in the yard and he can't help himself. He's dug the hole for the red maple and i'm not happy with the location. this is certainly not important but my frustration level this afternoon is high. 



it's the same old same old issues of my trying to work with divided attention. My physical and mental space are not protected. 



painting experiments gone awry. this process is all about the learning but I have to admit that  i am more than a little frustrated with myself and lack of certain knowledge



eating dinner late. as the days get longer this may happen more often but honestly, I really don't like this later schedule. Must rethink the way of the day